This Anthem landscape design by includes an outdoor living space with fireplace and small outdoor kitchen with a bar beneath a trellis ramada.

Anthem Landscape Design

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Framing Your North Valley Home

Your Anthem landscaping is important for creating just the right setting for the house and your lifestyle. From the curb, a well-planned and executed landscape design sets the stage that welcomes you home, and greets visitors on the approach to your door. Whether you wish for lush landscaping, or low maintenance xeriscaping, the process requires a talented designer and skilled installation team to bring it life. Not everyone can translate from paper to reality beautifully. Knowledge can’t replace artistry.

The Art of Approach

Adding enclosed courtyard designs to the front entry of your home isn’t just in keeping with Southwestern architecture style. It creates an Anthem landscape design element of surprise, a mystery that beckons from the curb. If everything on the exterior of an entrance courtyard is attractive and colorful, anticipation to discover what lies within grows the closer one gets. The art of approach uses well-placed focal points of plants, rocks, trees, and stone or paver sidewalks that draw one in toward the gate. A well-placed outdoor sculpture or statue adds a unique note to the experience.

Blending Indoor and Outdoor Living Spaces

Your taste is important. Whether you prefer casual or formal, rustic or contemporary style  – today’s homeowner seeks to meld indoors with outside. Welcoming nature in and life spilling outdoors is all part of great Anthem outdoor living spaces. Creating beautiful, useful open air rooms in the backyard is in big demand. Patio designs are more than a flat, paved space for your picnic table. They merge with pool decks, require outdoor furniture, and offer us must-have features like outdoor kitchens, built-in grills, waterfalls as swimming pool fountains, outdoor fireplaces and fire pits.

Swimming pools are now as much a part of your backyard landscaping as planting beds. In some yards, the pool takes up the majority of available space. You can make your backyard construction project much easier, less fraught with issues and have it completed faster, with one company doing all the work from start to finish. You’ll be enjoying outdoor living in far less time than the alternative of juggling contractors.

Stone Work, Pavers, and Desert Plants

Landscapers in Anthem that can create any structure, and make it a fully functional element that adds aesthetic value and enjoyment, are one-part skilled craftsman, one-part engineer, and two-parts artist. It is no longer enough to be able to install pavers and stone flooring well. You need water and electrical run for lighting and spas, gas lines for fire features and grill, stone work for pergola pillars and privacy walls. The contractor you hire must also have a working knowledge of desert plants that will thrive in the climate and require minimum water.

Full Service Anthem Landscape Design & Installation

Creating curb appeal or outdoor living spaces that fulfill your vision, and solve problems on the site, all while framing your home and lifestyle perfectly isn’t magic.  The first step to is working with a creative designer well-schooled in everything you need. They will have a working knowledge of all parts of an Arizona landscape – the plants, paving, construction, utilities, plumbing, and irrigation. Only then can innovation translate into long-lasting artistry that becomes more beautiful with time.

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