A total backyard remodel took place in the Peoria landscape design. A putting green behind the new swimming pool with a travertine patio that includes two fire pits, and several outdoor living spaces.

Peoria Landscape Design

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Extending Home Beyond the Walls

Wanting a beautiful yard isn’t anything new. It’s been a high priority for many Valley homeowners for years. But it’s no longer just your yard – today’s Peoria landscape design incorporates features and requirements that were once reserved for the interior. You have a unique set of needs you want applied to different parts of your property for a number of uses. Both inside and out, you have public areas, living areas, service areas, and intimate areas.

The Public View of Your Home

Some call it ‘curb appeal landscaping.’  This is the most public area on most residential properties and encompasses the front yard, unless you have a corner lot. This is probably one of the most crucial areas of your Peoria landscaping, because it both frames your house and sends a message to both bypassing people and visitors on the way to your front door. Colorful plants, driveway pavers, and stylish natural stone sidewalks are prominent elements you need to create just the right curb appeal. A look that enhances the value of your home.

Courtyard Designs Have Multiple Characters

Your courtyard can function as an outdoor foyer that separates the front entrance from the public view from the street. They also make an excellent open air intimate room off the master suite or just outside a main interior living space. When shaded and enclosed, the courtyard portion of your landscaping can become a major gathering space for both family and friends seeking relief from the heat of the sun. This is especially true of layouts that are surrounded by plants and incorporate water features.

Patio Designs and Outdoor Living Spaces

The most important part of your landscape design in Peoria is the backyard, which is largely taken up by patios and pool decks. The evolved outdoor living space is far more than a patio, and often blends a number of other features into pool landscaping too. Popular backyard landscaping elements include built-in gas grills and patio bars, fire pits and outdoor fireplaces, along with waterfalls and natural looking swimming pool fountains. They’re the perfect accents to the desert lifestyle.

Creativity is Key to Unique Landscaping

Professional landscaping today involves structural or complex features. Your landscaper requires a wide array of skills, licensing, and in-depth knowledge of the plants that will shine in your landscaping with minimal maintenance. Working with Desert Crest on your landscaping in Peoria, can address everything you need to put together the landscape design of your dreams. It’s your one-stop source for stonework, masonry construction, and installing the electrical, water or gas lines that make it all function. We’re also skilled in irrigation and properly correcting problems on the site. The first step is meeting with the designers and working out what you want versus what you need.

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