New home or updating an older one, beautiful surroundings come from solid Scottsdale landscape design. Here we updated this gorgeous property with travertine pavers, lots of synthetic grass, and in the spot - a built-in gas grill.

Scottsdale Landscape Design

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Enrich Your Valley Lifestyle

Three major layers come together to define your personal lifestyle in Scottsdale; interior, exterior, and outdoors. The outer layer, your landscaping, is like an envelope that wraps your house. Next comes the architecture that shapes the building itself. Finally, there’s – the inner sanctum, the most secluded layer, where the floor plan and decor surrounds and shapes your private life. Since most people who live in this area spend a great deal of time outdoors at home, Scottsdale landscaping is very important.

Curb Appeal Adds Real Estate Value

The right Scottsdale landscape design is actually more important than keeping the exterior of a home well-maintained. The feeling of welcome starts at the curb, not at the front door. What your front yard looks like says a great deal about the people who live within to those passing by. This fact becomes crucial when the day arrives that you want to sell a home. The more attractive your landscaping in Scottsdale is, especially in the public areas of the yard, the faster your home will sell and makes getting the price asked much more likely.

Patio Designs and Outdoor Living Spaces

The backyard is where you’ll spend most of your time at home when the weather is nice, and in Scottsdale the number of days this is enjoyable stretch through most of the year. Intimate courtyards and large patios for entertaining and relaxing are also important players in Scottsdale landscaping. Many times the pool landscaping and pool decks are part of the flow of outdoor living spaces. To accomplish adding all the wonderful features you desire, everything starts with a well-planned design on paper that fits the space, your taste, and your lifestyle.

The Easy Route From Dreams To Reality

We offer complete landscaping in Scottsdale services from designing beautiful, low-maintenance arrangements of plants for desert landscaping or lush, more tropical surroundings. You can count on our many years of experience to create just the right look, even in the most challenging situations. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our masonry workmanship for stonework and stucco used in walls, outdoor fireplaces, and water features. Desert Crest LLC also does all types of stone and pavers – just what you need for custom patio, sidewalk, driveway, and courtyard designs.

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