Designing a beautiful desert landscape is a very special art form. Unlike the majority of regions in the US, the desert climate and soil in Arizona are unique. A sustainable landscape here in the greater Phoenix area is one that requires very little water. This special type of professional landscaping is named xeriscaping. Do not mistake this to be zero-scaping, requiring no irrigation at all. There is no such thing as a landscape that thrives without water replenishment. Even desert plants require a watering schedule to meet the requirements known as a landscaped yard.

It should be readily apparent to you, that desert landscaping is very different from the styles of landscaping used in the rest of the country. Here in the desert, fresh water is an intensely precious commodity. Our minimal annual rainfall makes supplemental irrigation a necessity for a beautiful xeriscaping landscaped yard all year around.

Even though Desert Crest LLC installs native and desert plants, comprehensive landscape planning is a requirement in maintaining the health and vigor of plants in your yard. To create beauty with xeriscaping, you must be a very talented and specially educated landscape designer. Professional planning must entail detailed knowledge of our climate and soil conditions. The execution of planning and installation is crucial to a long, beautiful life for your Arizona landscaping.

Desert landscaping plans begin beneath the surface. To preserve precious water for all the plants used in your yard requires soil amendments. Any yard can contain areas with more than one type of soil. The sandy areas of your soil are treated with amendments for moisture retention. Other areas where the soil is clay must be amended to increase the drainage for the landscape plants installed there. Each parcel of residential property presents an individual set of challenges. Every homeowner adds their personal needs to the planning. The Arizona landscape designer must address both sets of requirements uniquely to arrive at a completed installation that will remain beautiful and functional for years to come.

Here in the Arizona climate, we replace large expanses of water hungry lawns with the rock and stone, or ground cover sweeps xeriscaping landscaping utilizes. Creative use of these plentiful landscape materials is perfectly suited to the architectural style present in the Southwest. A talented designer will skillfully apply these elements to accent and frame the artistic plantings used in desert landscape styles. The entire staff at Desert Crest has a thorough understanding of the arid Arizona landscape.

A xeriscaping irrigation system calls for great care to be taken in the design and engineering. Fresh water conservation has become increasingly important in all regions of our country. Here in the Arizona desert, water conservation has always been vital and now it is more so than ever before. The type of watering system used in a xeriscaped yard must assist the desert plants when needed, but never waster our precious water resources.

It requires far more talent than you can imagine creating a landscape design that utilizes stone as the major portion of ground cover element. We have all seen yards that the rocks and stone were placed and situated in a manner that is very unpleasant appearing. Every rock has eight sides. To use them artfully takes a special skill. Properly executed xeriscaping landscaping combines stone, rocks and desert plants that create a compliment to the surrounding natural desert landscape.

Desert Crest LLC begins with professional planning of sustainable desert landscapes. You will benefit from a xeriscaped yard that is perfectly suited to your home and your lifestyle. To enjoy a low maintenance outdoor lifestyle and landscape especially suited to the Arizona climate, schedule a consultation with one of our xericape savvy designers today.

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