Outdoor living areas are more than just a part of your landscape design, Scottsdale and Phoenix homeowners. These home landscaping spaces should extend and enrich your lifestyle, because home, after all, is all about you. Furthermore, nothing says ‘welcome home’ quite like a beautiful yard. The magic should begin as you approach on the street and be part of the interior too. With the right landscaping, each indoor space becomes a room with a view, strengthening the connection between ourselves and nature outdoors. Professional landscape design will heighten curb appeal and increase the value of your property. From the simple task of bestowing the benefit of green spaces to complete outdoor entertainment spaces with lovely paving underfoot.

People from Phoenix to Scottsdale rely on Desert Crest’s professional capabilities for complete landscape installations suited for the desert climate. Our courtyard and swimming pool designs increase the pleasant atmosphere you should enjoy in your yard. Whatever elements you elect for your landscaping will stand the test of time. Our skilled hardscape craftsmen bring long-lasting beauty to homes from Paradise Valley to Cave Creek, with every installation is built to professional specifications. We always focus on ensuring quality and enjoyment for decades to come.

A beautiful landscape design, Scottsdale, enhances and frames your home.

What we can do on the patio and BBQ has come a long way from their humble beginnings. What was once just a paved space for grilling hamburgers or tanning is now an extension of your entire lifestyle. Today, quality of life means sharing quality time with family, making a shady backyard ramada a great asset. A romantic evening can easily be spur-of-the-moment in front of your outdoor fireplace. Your outdoor BBQ is the perfect gathering spot where special meals are shared with the important people in your life.

Add relaxing, natural sound to your landscape design, Phoenix.

Did you know the sound of splashing water isn’t what causes it to soothe and refresh your psyche? Actually, it’s the free ranging serotonin in the air released by the splashing. Pair that with the moisture it adds to the immediate area around the water feature, and it’s easy to see why they’re in big demand for the arid climate pool, patio, or courtyard. Either benefit can make home become a more treasured place, the perfect spot to unwind.

Get all the popular outdoor living amenities for your yard…

We offer you highly creative and professionally design outdoor spaces perfect for your home and family. Our talented design team offers you highly artistic planning that include the features and functions you want, ensuring they work for the space and terrain you have. Our aim is to make your dreams come to life. We are recognized for our innovative approach, penchant for quality, and a complete line of landscape services.

Landscaping and hardscaping have been the Desert Crest specialty for many years. We take pride in all facets of our work, and it shows. Working with us, your Scottsdale – Phoenix area home lifestyle amenities are limited only by your imagination and budget. Our designers know exactly how to provide everything you need in a unique design, perfectly suited to you and your home.

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