We can force some plants to deal with less than perfect conditions for a short time, but long-term? Desert landscape plants are your best choice for landscaping Scottsdale, AZ homes. Likewise, saving money on the cost of landscaping Phoenix, AZ, you want plants that can live in our harsh climate without shivering or breaking a sweat. Don’t lose sight of the fact that the plants in your Scottsdale or Phoenix yard that thrive in all seasons are real estate assets. The fewer of them that need replacing annually, the better.

Keeping your landscaping at its best is highly desirable 

In addition to using desert landscape plants for their ability to deal with our summer heat and winter chill, we value them for their low water requirements. But don’t mistake that for not needing any water assistance at all or translating into a yard full of nothing but cacti and rocks. When designed and installed correctly, you can enjoy lots of color and beauty from desert landscaping, Scottsdale, AZ. A thriving yard will always outshine one on survival mode year-around.

Like any other climate, we have both shrubs and trees suited to the harsh climate changes of the Arizona desert. A talented designer will also make good use of cacti and succulents to compliment woody plants that adapt to the local conditions. There are many beautiful flowers that work well in the desert. Among them are vines for scaling privacy walls so popular in southwestern home design.

The vibrant color of Lady Banks Rose and Bougainvillea create a welcome note against stone and stucco surfaces. You will also be able to enjoy colorful perennials and annuals that are hardy in our dry climate. And in addition to a rainbow of flowers, we also have lovely ornamental grasses to add depth to your yard. That shouldn’t surprise anyone new to the area, grasses are valued for low-maintenance beauty and harsh condition tolerance nation-wide.

The perfect combination for yard beautiful

So, not only do you have a wide array of plants to choose from for your Phoenix or Scottsdale landscaping, they come in various colors, sizes, shapes, and blooming times.  Of course, your landscape designer will need the skill to select plants that will thrive on your individual property with it’s available space, aspect to the sun, and soil conditions. One that will cost less to maintain and require far less input of valuable spare time, because you won’t be at war with nature.

No desert landscaping is complete without the artistic use of boulders and rocks, which when mixed together just right somehow makes both the plants and the rocks more beautiful. Both work in tandem to make your patio, pool, courtyard, and ramada more welcoming spaces.

Working with a professional will give you a more enjoyable yard. As a Desert Crest client, we guarantee you’ll have beautiful landscaping. Phoenix and Scottsdale homeowners love how we can end their war with nature with our combined knowledge of low-maintenance plants, proper soil amending, and water-saving irrigation system design.

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