Homeowners see their landscaping as a lovely display of plants, ground cover, and lawn. Living green texture and bloom color is what every one wants to frame their home and surround outdoor living spaces and swimming pools. The surface, however, is just the frosting, the very last step to a properly planned desert landscape design. Scottsdale and Phoenix homeowners, just like others in different areas, often have difficulty realizing that shrubs and trees are not throw pillows used for decoration. Each type of plant has a hard-coded set of needs one must provide for them to perform well. So, there is a good deal of beneath the surface planning and preparation to do before you can actually select your plant display.

Desert landscape design is an art form that requires talent and skill. Unlike accents in home decor, landscaping plants get larger after they are placed. It is important to plan a planting area in Scottsdale or Phoenix yards to accommodate everything installed in it and still display each one at their best. Different plants have different needs. Your designer’s job to group plants attractively, mixing only those that will happily cohabitate together for years to come and all become more beautiful over time as they mature.

A talented Phoenix or Scottsdale landscape designer solves problems and enriches your lifestyle. Your real estate value will escalate with a professionally designed and installed landscape that offers all the elements that make your yard a usable extension of your home. It is rare to not have to address correcting grade problems, drainage, and soil conditions on any residential property – even for desert landscape design. At Desert Crest, we have long-term experience in properly addressing all of the problems found in Valley properties.

The first step in desert landscape design is to identify problems and create technically-sound solutions. This is priority one and comes before any beautification can be put together. Next comes locating and laying out hardscape elements: the sidewalks, driveway, and courtyard or patio paving, followed by the irrigation system skeleton. And finally, we can consider what plants will work where in your desert landscape design, and why they should be planted as placed on the paper. Until we know where the plants will be the irrigation plan cannot be finalized.

There is much one must learn about plants and their needs to create a landscape design, in any climate. Improperly designed Phoenix or Scottsdale landscaping can lead to many headaches and a loss of money down the road. To get the most benefit from and return on the investment into your landscaping – it is wise to do it right from the beginning. After all, it can represent as much as 25% of your real estate value, along with making your property a market hit or miss for it’s curb appeal factor. So, yes, you want the perfect solutions for you and your yard, and our highly skilled Phoenix and Scottsdale landscape design team can make it all happen so easily.

You’ll enjoy excellent customer service and be working one on one with your personal designer in the form and function planning for your yard. At Desert Crest we build exterior lifestyles, making outdoor living space dreams come true all over the Valley.

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