Homeowners see their landscaping as a lovely display of plants and lawn. All that living texture and riot in bloom is what every one wants as a surrounding for patios and outdoor fireplaces, swimming pools and framing the walls of the house. This is just the frosting, the very last step to a properly planned Arizona desert landscape design. It is hard to remember that shrubs and trees are not throw pillows used for decoration. There is a good deal of beneath the surface planning and preparation that must be done first for a robust Phoenix, Arizona landscape.

Desert landscape design is an art form that requires talent and skill. Unlike interior decorating the plants in a landscape get larger after they are placed. It is important to plan planting areas in a Phoenix, Arizona landscape to accommodate all that is installed in it and display each one at their best in appearance. Different plants have different needs. It is the professional landscape designer’s job to group plants attractively, choosing those that will happily cohabitate together for years to come. Additionally your Arizona landscape design should increase in beauty with time, as the plants all grow into their mature character.

A talented landscape designer solves problems and enriches your lifestyle. Your real estate value will escalate with a professionally designed and installed landscape that offers all the elements that make your yard a useable extension of your home. It is rare to not have to address correcting problems in grade, soil conditions or direction of drainage on any residential property, even for desert landscape design. At Desert Crest, LLC, we have long term experience in properly addressing all of the problems found in a Phoenix, Arizona landscape.

The first step in desert landscape design is to identify problems and create the solution.This is priority one and any issues must be solved in a technically sound manner, before any beautification can be put together. Only then is it time to begin laying out the hardscape elements used in residential landscaping. The sidewalks, driveway and courtyard or patio paving are then followed by the skeleton of the irrigation system. And finally, we can consider what plants will work where in your desert landscape design, and why they should be planted as placed on the paper. Until we know where the plants will be the irrigation plan cannot be finalized.

There is much one must learn about plants and their needs to create a landscape design. Improper design in a Phoenix desert landscapes can lead to many headaches and a loss of money down the road. To get the most benefit and return on the investment that your landscaping represents to your real estate value – it is wise to do it right from the beginning. Our highly skilled Arizona landscape design team has the perfect solutions for you.

You’ll enjoy excellent customer service and be working one on one with your personal designer in the form and function planning for your yard. At Desert Crest we build exterior lifestyles and make your outdoor living spaces dreams come true around the greater Phoenix area and Scottsdale.

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