There are a lot of things that a fully landscaped yard in Phoenix can contain. The plants are really the finishing touch, the frosting on the cake. You have public areas, service areas, and private areas in a Phoenix landscape design, and each space has elements that serve a purpose we expect or need from the different areas. Some landscape elements are more important, or more popular than others.

While you’re considering what you want to do with your yard to update or upgrade it’s beauty and usefulness, it’s always wise to keep in mind the marketability and resale value of the property. You certainly don’t want to overdo things as far as getting some return on your investment at the time of selling a home. At the same time, increasing the value of any property has a great deal to do with its amenities, and the most popular elements in Phoenix landscaping today are those that are in big demand. It makes perfect sense that having these in the yard make it the kind of listing that make it highly desirable.

Here they are in order of how often people want the element in a landscape design:

#1 – Fire Pits

If you’re going to enjoy dancing flames, outdoor fire pits offer many hours of use in the climate of Arizona. A fire pit adds life to any gathering, and can enrich family time too. A custom fire pit that is well-built from quality materials will remain great looking, and functional for many years. They’re perfect for soft lighting and chasing away the chill of desert night air.

#2 – Patio Covers

Getting more use from the patio and pool deck means having some relief from the sun here in the Valley. Trees are great, but you need a big one for a shady space, and waiting 20 years is simply out of the question. Pergolas are a hot ticket for patio covers. The traditional southwestern version of the pergola with a lattice roof is a ‘trellis ramada’. There are also regular ramadas with a solid roof, which are often used to create outdoor rooms. Whatever you choose to call it, a place to get out of the sun on your patio is almost a staple item in landscape design for backyard living.

#3 – Outdoor Fireplaces

While a fire pit serves the same purpose, outdoor fireplaces offer a more luxurious approach to having a fire in the backyard. They need not be large to add a lot of pizzazz to the patio. Both gas and wood-burning outdoor fireplaces are popular, with the gas option being hooked directly into the home’s utility lines. A traditional beehive, or a fireplace with more modern lines is right at home in anyone’s Phoenix backyard. Combining a wood-fired pizza oven in the fireplace design is an exciting backyard amenity.

#4 – Built-In Grills

Be they guests or family, everyone ends up where the food is. This is what makes the kitchen the hub of a home, and brings built-in grills to the forefront for outdoor dining and entertainment. The array of features you can add to a BBQ island can turn it into a fully equipped outdoor kitchen and bar. A custom built-in grill that matches or beautifully accents the patio is an investment that makes sense in any neighborhood. Both built- grills and outdoor kitchens are wildly popular, and the demand continues to increase.

#5 – Pavers

The great thing about pavers is their versatility and stylishness that camouflages the ruggedness. Having a blend of colors always adds more interest to a landscape than a solid toned expanse. Any surface that we traditionally would have paved with concrete or asphalt is now preferably done in pavers. They will last longer than the alternatives, require almost no maintenance, and upgrade the look of both private and public areas. It is unlikely that pavers will ever go out of style. They always increase the value of a home in the Phoenix or Scottsdale area.

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