Xeriscape Design in Arizona

Xeriscape design in Arizona can be vibrant in color and gorgeous. Professionally designed xeriscaping is a Desert Crest LLC specialty. Just because your home is located in an arid climate, does not mean that you must live without beautiful flowers and lush foliage. With proper planning and site preparation, your xeriscape design in Arizona can be very stunning and filled with brilliant colors. The trees, shrubs, succulents and perennials that will thrive here in the desert offer a much wider selection than most people are led to believe. This is because improper site preparation will only allow a handful of scraggly plants survive.

The wrong approach to xeriscape design in Arizona is to plant only those plants that will deal with our drastic climate without any care at all. Xerscaping is low maintenance and drought tolerant, but will cost you so much more money over the years if treated like zeroscaping. The staff at Desert Crest can help you save money while enjoying a lifestyle surrounded by the landscaping of your dreams.

Discover the real beauty of xeriscape design in Arizona.
Professional planning and installation is the key … from Desert Crest LLC.

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One call does it all! Your home and property are in capable hands as our customer. With 20 years of experience in professional landscape, hardscape and garden design, installation and growing desert plants, Desert Crest LLC is skilled in all facets of our industry. We are proud of our impeccable 5-Star rating on Kudzu and being awarded placement in the Top Ten Landscape Contractors in Ranking Arizona 2009. Your satisfaction and dreams come true will begin taking place from the moment you contact our company.

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