What are hardscapes? Phoenix and Scottsdale landscaping that is non-plant. Like this modern backyard design which is 90% hardscaping and 10% plantings.

Scottsdale – Phoenix Hardscaping Contractors

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The Great Divide: Softscaping vs. Hardscaping

Technically, if it isn’t alive, this part of your landscape design is categorized as a hard landscaping item, commonly referred to as your hardscaping. Phoenix and Scottsdale area homeowners today want more hardscaping than landscaping. You can’t live in the planting space, but you can live on or under hardscape features. Not to overlook the fact that since hardscaping features are stone, metals, wood, concrete or brick – requiring very little maintenance. It also offers you assets and benefits that plants never will.

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Outdoor living spaces and outdoor rooms.

The most commonly requested form of hardscapes are courtyard and patio design. Often we also get requests for paver driveways, walks, pool decks and ramadas, pergolas or outdoor living rooms. Any surface or structure that uses these applications is a service performed by Desert Crest. We are fully staffed, licensed, and equipped to do top quality concrete work, pavers and stone work, wood decking, travertine tile, and more as skilled general contractors. Phoenix, Arizona landscaping as well as projects in our other service areas like Scottsdale, Paradise Valley or Glendale, usually requires more complex work and we provide you with a complete package. All services needed to install the entire project is on one contract with one company.

Beautiful dry stone walling and mortar or stucco work.

Patio and courtyard enclosures are also popular hardscaping elements in Phoenix-Scottsdale area landscapes. Our skills as brick and stone masons come in very handy here. We can design and build privacy walls and garden walls from block and stucco, three-dimensional paver blocks, and dry stone walling. Our masonry work is found in yards all over the valley in many applications.

Not normally classified as part of your backyard landscaping, swimming pools are a major player in the overall design. Most homeowners must rely on two or more companies to design and install both the pool and its commonly included outdoor living features. Not when you work with Desert Crest, we offer you everything from that outdoor kitchen sink to designing and building any style of swimming pool.

True outdoor living depends on hardscaping & utilities.

Today’s Valley patios aren’t complete outdoor living spaces without many wonderful hardscape features. These include outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, and built-in BBQ islands or fully-equipped outdoor kitchens. Then there’s the shade structure to make relaxing and entertaining in your backyard landscaping more enjoyable. Here you’ll get custom designs and 100% complete installations. No other contractor must be brought in to run water lines for your spa, finish the wiring, or run a gas line for the grill and fireplace. For you, this makes even complex landscaping a smooth project that will be finished quickly and with the highest quality of craftsmanship.

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