Add so much style and character to your home with courtyard landscaping, Phoenix and Scottsdale. This client chose a secluded courtyard with a sensational dark stone faced arch with a few bold cacti to set it off.

Scottsdale – Phoenix Courtyard Designs

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Entry Gardens & Secluded Outdoor Rooms

For homes around Phoenix and Scottsdale, landscape design has long included an entry courtyard. Designs for these outdoor foyers can range from simple elegance to elaborate gardens. Creating a cooling open air room in this space becomes useful to you and your family,  just as much as it provides a gorgeous welcome to guests arriving at the front door.

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Your courtyard design can include an array of features.

Designing this space always includes two things: pavers or natural stone paving and full or partial seclusion with concrete or stone privacy walls. Naturally, you need a great looking gate at the point of entry, be it wrought iron or natural wood. Courtyard landscaping in Phoenix and Scottsdale areas brings a welcome softening to all that hardscaping envelope foliage or structural plants and colorful blooms. These plants can be containerized in handsome pots or planted in ground beds, and sometimes, both. And most of the time, homeowners want a water feature of some sort.

Courtyard fountains are a Valley essential.

The calming, cooling presence of courtyard fountains are an age-old tradition in desert living. While we certainly can install a molded fountain, most of our courtyard design clients prefer a custom water feature design. It gives you a lot more options than buying a ready-made model, though they do still fill the desired role in some instances, you’re not hemmed in. Working with Desert Crest, your courtyard fountain can flow with the walls of the home or be a central focal point. We can design one to fit your space and taste using Talavera tile, natural stone, or stucco to match your house.

Traditional and modern courtyard designs available. Whatever style you choose, we’ll make sure it’s beautiful!

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