Add so much style and character to your home with courtyard landscaping, Phoenix and Scottsdale. This client chose a secluded courtyard with a sensational dark stone faced arch with a few bold cacti to set it off.

Scottsdale – Phoenix Courtyard Designs

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Entry Gardens & Secluded Outdoor Rooms

For homes in the greater Phoenix, the Northwest Valley or Scottsdale areas, landscape design has long included an entry courtyard. Designs for these outdoor foyers can range from simple elegance to elaborate courtyard gardens. Creating a cooling open air room in this space becomes useful to you and your family,  just as much as it provides a gorgeous welcome to guests arriving at the front door.

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Your courtyard design can include an array of features.

Naturally, the design for this space will give you pavers or natural stone paving as a floor. Your courtyard is a secluded area that is enveloped by masonry privacy walls of either concrete stucco or natural stonework with a wrought iron or wooden gate for entry from the public area of the front yard. Landscaping the courtyard of a Scottsdale or Phoenix area home provides softening of the hardscaping envelope with lush plants that are used for foliage and colorful blooms. These plants can be containerized in handsome pots, planted in ground beds and sometimes both. The decision is yours as this is always done according to the wishes of the homeowner.

Courtyard fountains are a Valley essential.

The calming and cooling presence of outdoor fountains are an age old desert living tradition in the southwestern United States and Mexico. Custom design and installation of this much sought after part of courtyard designs is a service you can count on working with us.  Clients request both natural stone wall fountains and centrally located water fountains. The selection is sometimes dependent on the available space inside the courtyard, and at others simply due to the homeowner’s vision and desires.

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