You've got lots of options for pool decking, Scottsdale, like this gorgeous golden travertine in this image. We do tile, stone, and pavers on all our Scottsdale - Phoenix pool decks.T

Scottsdale – Phoenix Pool Decking

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New Builds & Pool Deck Remodel

One of the most important items in Arizona backyard landscaping is the swimming pool. On many of today’s smaller residential properties the patio and pool decks merge due to limited space. The result is fantastic outdoor living spaces with paving stones or natural stone tiling that flow through the entire area. Softscaping with plants is important to add vibrancy and color around all of this stonework and pool landscaping has become as much in demand around Phoenix and Scottsdale. Gone are the days of the high maintenance, utilitarian cool decking.

Say goodbye to your concrete pool decking.

A modern pool deck remodel instantly updates your entire backyard. Should that pool need a face lift, you’ve found your source for a gorgeous pool makeover. Desert Crest specializes in Phoenix pool remodeling, extending this service across the Northwest Valley. From simply resurfacing the pool deck to adding ramadas with poolside bars and complete backyard landscaping, you can always count on us to create the oasis of your dreams.

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Thinking swimming pool fountains or waterfalls?

You certainly aren’t alone. Both natural stone and more architectural designs are being used to add water features to pools and backyard landscaping. The running water is wonderful for adding soothing ions to the air and providing a natural cooling mechanism to the dry desert heat in summer. Swimming pool fountains and waterfalls can also be lit with LED lighting for breathtaking night effects in your pool landscaping or outdoor living spaces. They are certainly popular for Scottsdale pool remodeling.

Your stylish new pool deck’s look.

We get requests for pool deck resurfacing quite often, which isn’t surprising with cool decking needing to be repaired regularly. Flagstone, stone tile and pavers are a much wiser investment for your Scottsdale or Phoenix pool remodel. Imagine never having to resurface or repair cracks on your pool decking again. We offer truly low-maintenance pool decks. It’s a once in a lifetime project and a sound investment.

Pool pavers are very popular and create wonderful pool decks with a safe, non-slip surface. In case you weren’t aware of it, pavers are four times stronger than regular concrete found in traditional pool deck construction. You’ll never have to worry about chemical pitting or chips with pavers. When installed properly, your pavers will last for many decades – perhaps a century. No chemical pitting, cracks, or chips…. ever.

A travertine pool deck is gorgeous!

We use travertine pavers more often than travertine tile. Both are unpolished, natural stone available tumbled or clean cut to flow with any style preference. Travertine pool decks can look upscale rustic and casual to formal and opulent. This beautiful stone comes in lots of colors that blend so nicely with the hues used in home architecture around the greater Phoenix – Scottsdale area. You will love the additional interest from natural travertine color variations, whether you choose something soft and understated or bold and dramatic.

Not sure if you want pavers or a travertine tile pool deck?

We can show you exactly what each one looks like in your backyard making deciding a piece of cake! Here’s how… Schedule a pool deck consultation and ask about our virtual reality design service. It’s amazing, like touring your backyard in the future.

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