This lovely custom made courtyard fountain is a great example of popular Scottsdale and Phoenix landscaping water features. We also build waterfalls, bubbling stones, and more in any style you wish.

Scottsdale – Phoenix Water Features

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Outdoor Fountains, Waterfalls & More

Many desert homeowners are interested in outdoor water features. Phoenix and Scottsdale landscaping and pool design often include a moving water element. Waterfalls, streams, and outdoor fountains provide interest, beauty, and natural cooling for prominent spots around your home. And then there’s the beneficial ability to erase stress and promote relaxation that running water provides. A combination that has never and will never lose popularity.

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Enhance courtyard ambiance with outdoor fountains.

An essential element in any Valley home, courtyard fountains add grace and elegance to your front entry or outdoor living rooms. Requests for ready-made fountains have almost disappeared, most homeowners today want custom outdoor fountains. Scottsdale – Phoenix area clients have discovered that water features can better suit their style and blend with outdoor spaces when designed especially for them. There’s still a place for the traditional molded fountain designs, but let’s face it, they’re not unique and rarely modern. Nor are they made of stone, deteriorating gracefully over time.  A custom courtyard fountain is both both unique and beautiful, as well as built to last according to your available space and personal taste.

You can enjoy waterfalls and streams in the desert.

While not created by nature, there are several ways to add the sound of splashing water to your backyard landscaping. If designed right, waterfalls and streams can add a natural vibe in your property’s existing terrain. Using natural rock and artistically placed plants can create a gorgeous water features to accent and enrich your outdoor living spaces. There is nothing quite like backlit waterfalls and outdoor fountains to add ambiance to the patio at night. In today’s small backyards, the water feature is often built right into the pool.

Make a big splash with swimming pool fountains.

A really popular addition to pool decks and pool landscaping around Phoenix and Scottsdale are swimming pool fountains. These water features can be architectural in design or mimic natural waterfalls using rocks and boulders for wonderful aesthetic appeal. Many times Phoenix swimming pool fountains are also backlit for night effects that add a whole new dimension to outdoor living.

You can learn more about your options and what your property will allow you to do with water features in the landscaping by scheduling a design consultation. You might not live on the waterfront, and a river may not run through your yard, but we can help you bring the benefits of moving water to your home. Its all part of really enjoyable Scottsdale and Phoenix landscape design.

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