Even with low water needs desert landscaping you need Scottsdale irrigation. And if you want Arizona grass in Phoenix, sprinklers are need to keep it lush.

Scottsdale – Phoenix Irrigation Systems

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Moisture Assistance = Stronger Plants

Even the most beautiful landscaping is better with irrigation. Sure, your landscaping makes use of only plants that are natives of, or easily acclimated to, the harsh desert climate. The idea that your desert landscaping needs no moisture assistance is all wrong. It isn’t zero-scaping, which will never be beautiful and ends up costing far more maintenance time and money. For your curb appeal and landscaping around outdoor living spaces to shine – you need professionally installed drip irrigation systems. Desert Crest designs and installs Scottsdale, Northwest Valley and Phoenix irrigation for robust, water-conservative plantings.

There are many ways that having drip irrigation for your desert landscaping lowers your maintenance requirements while maximizing the vigor and beauty of even drought lovers like cactus. When your new plants arrive on your property, they are happily living in a container where at the nursery that just left, they received just the right amounts of water and fertilizer to grow so handsomely. At this point their roots are acclimated to soilless medium designed to protect against problems in container growing. Now these same roots must adjust to the vast difference of living in your ground soil. A feat much more easily accomplished with proper watering.

Without irrigation, new plants don’t thrive but struggle to survive.

Extreme changes in temperature both hot or cold reduces the vigor of your new plants in a hurry, lowers their immune system to pests, disease and element damage, without moisture assistance from drip irrigation. Just being moved from the nursery container to being planted in natural soil is sort of like going to the moon without a suit, adding further hardship by the removal of the consistent moisture they have always known increases the effects of this stress. The result is that your drought-tolerant landscaping will take longer to adjust, not grow vigorously and produce far less color from bloom. It will also increase the possibilities of death by moisture starvation.

For anyone living in the desert around Scottsdale, Phoenix, Peoria or Glendale, AZ –  irrigation is not an expensive or wasteful landscaping element, but a necessity for robust, healthy landscaping. Drip irrigation emits only small amounts of water below the surface where plants instantly absorb it through their roots and efficiently put that moisture to good use to looks their best, bloom abundantly and resist ailments like pests, disease and cold or drought damage.

Drip irrigation systems lower your hours of required yard work tasks.

With a Desert Crest installed irrigation system, you’ll never have to worry about when you should apply more fertilizer to your landscape plants. We use a special fertilization system that works with your irrigation. This highly cost effective method of providing just the right amount of nutrition to your prized landscape plants also will reduce the delight of any weeds that sprout in your planting beds. Once again, the application is only at the roots of the landscape plants and quickly absorbed, leaving the weeds without added nutrients to become more vigorous. This results in far less weeding compared to the traditional methods of fertilizer application above the surface.

Arizona Lawn Sprinkler Systems

For those homeowners who yearn for lush green lawn areas, not only do we install desert tough Arizona grass, but we also do complete lawn sprinkler systems for these highly prized parts of the yard. Whether you are adding lawn sprinklers to an existing irrigation system or require an entirely new installation, you can count on us to minimize water use and maximize the health and beauty of your desert lawn space.

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