Don't sacrifice beauty trying to get Phoenix-Scottsdale landscaping that costs less. Downgrading to cheaper plants isn't the answer.

Saving Money on Scottsdale & Phoenix Landscaping

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How To Decrease Your Maintenance Costs

Great looking landscaping actually costs less to maintain. Why? It’s the plants in your yard that can increase or decrease maintenance costs. Trees, shrubs, turf grass, cacti, succulents, and flowering plants in best health and vigor actually cost less to maintain in an attractive state than those that are weak and undernourished.

Consider the amount of medication and doctor visits a person with poor health requires on a monthly basis. This is a high maintenance person. It is common sense that if you eat a balanced diet, drink plenty of water and exercise regularly you are a far more healthy and vigorous human. From a financial investment view, a vigorous human costs far less to take care of than one who is weak and sickly. Your landscape maintenance contractor is more or less your plants’ physician and personal trainer. Contractors who understand the return on investment gained from keeping your plants on a high quality, balanced diet of the proper nutrients and adequate water save you a lot of money.

Keep your curb appeal high.

Your landscape is a good portion of the value of your real estate. So, investing in its health and vigor regularly reduces your cost of maintaining it long-term. Well-fed plants are far more resistant to diseases and pests. Not only does your yard look better, but you will not have to pay for replacing plants due to death or disease resulting from neglect and poor plant management.

Protecting plant vigor is simplified with E-Z Flo Automatic Fertilizing System. Instead of receiving feast and famine style nutrition with traditional methods, E-Z Flo makes a small amount of nutrients available with each watering. You’ll be amazed at how much more lush your entire yard is with an E-Z Flo System minding the daily health of your landscape plants and lawn. You will benefit by not having surprise plant health emergencies arise that dramatically increase the cost of maintaining your property value and curb appeal. New landscaping will also adapt to your soil more easily and grow at an increased rate.

More E-Z Flo Automatic Fertilizer System benefits:

  • Instead of a reduction in plant growth pace after leaving the nursery growing facility, your landscape plants will grow far better and more quickly in your soil than when professionally tended to by educated horticulture workers.
  • Lessen your carbon footprint on the environment by protecting against fertilizer run-off pollution to surrounding soil at lower elevations and all local waterways or bodies of water. This also guards against corruption of drinking water wells in your community.
  • Protect your plants from the damages of over fertilization and under fertilization with an automatically calibrated daily diet that is scientifically calculated to maintain their health and vigor. This reduces the cost of maintenance over their life expectancy. It also saves you from having to replace entire plants due to disease, decline and death.
  • Save money on fertilizer that isn’t used by the plant, which is most of the application with traditional scatter methods. All the fertilizer run-off is money you’ve wasted on the price of yard maintenance. With E-Z Flo Automatic System your plants and grassy areas absorb all of the fertilizer and decrease your annual expenditure by reducing waste. Your expected savings on fertilizer expenditures will be between 75-90% with the E-Z Flo System minding your landscape feeding.
  • E-Z Flo operates on an injection system. This allows you to do your part in fresh water conservation without starving your plants for moisture needed to maintain good health. It is a proven fact that with E-Z Flo installed on your irrigation system your water use on landscape plants and lawn grass will be reduced by 25-50%. The savings on the cost of supplying the water needed by your yard will definitely be noticeable.
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