You can have it all, including the kitchen sink in Desert Crest outdoor kitchens, Phoenix and Scottsdale homeowners. The only thing missing in the one pictured here is a wood-fired oven.

Outdoor Kitchens: Phoenix – Scottsdale

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Simple Basics to Full-Featured Luxe

Grilling for one or twenty could be so much easier and more relaxing. No more basting sauce on the closest chair to the grill. No more frantic rushing between the patio and the refrigerator. Life at your house will be a lot different with an outdoor kitchen, especially if you have planned the right layout.

Chances are you’ve got great plans for this space in your backyard, but nothing prefab comes close to what you have in mind. There’s a big difference between a store-bought outdoor kitchen island and a real outdoor kitchen. Phoenix and Scottsdale homeowners will want long lasting benefits from their investment. After all, this is a big feature in your outdoor living space, one that you’ll want to gain value over time – not depreciate. Something that only solid masonry construction can offer.

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Your Outdoor Kitchen’s Design

Granted, the amount of space you have available to use for an outdoor kitchen will give some homeowners limitations. Still, with good planning and sound engineering, it is possible to get a great outdoor kitchen in a very compact footprint. Naturally, the layout will be guided by the area’s size and shape, as well as how it relates to other elements in your landscape design. With a custom built setup a lot more innovation and artistic ingenuity can give you more than you might imagine in terms of work space and feature options.

What does it look like in your mind? What features are on the must-have list? That’s a great place to start. Next comes mapping out your cook space flow. You want it to be setup to make it easy on the chef. Is it better to have your prep area on the right of left of the grill? Figuring out things like where a refrigerator should be placed or storage of utensils and the sink are all important to the synergy of functionality. Its a lot like planning an indoor kitchen, but usually on a smaller scale. If you don’t quite know the answers yet, no problem. We can help you fit the pieces into place.

Safety Hazards You Should Know About

Properly constructed, a built-in gas grill – the basic component of your outdoor kitchen – is not a fire hazard. However, whether you try to do this yourself, or you have a contractor designing and installing the project – a wood frame is definitely not what you want. While no flames can enter the inner cabinet area of the structure, gas grills give off incredible heat and wood framing is a huge mistake. Your best option will always be block framing. It will hold up far longer than thin, flimsy Hardie board and is totally fire retardant.

Quality Materials & Construction

No matter how talented your designer is, an outdoor kitchen or any other feature in a yard, will only be outstanding if the design is executed right. You’ll want the right finished look to compliment your home and patio, in addition to a sound structure that is built to withstand the test of time. With gas lines running to your grill, water lines feeding the sink and electrical running to a fridge and lights – you’ve got a complex project going on in combination with the structural engineering and masonry finish. This is a task for a full service contractor with experience.

You could hire several different companies to do this job, or you can simplify everything and work with a company like Desert Crest that does everything in-house. It will make the entire process faster and easier for you. From wood to masonry, patio and plants, even the pool deck and all the utilities it takes to make something like an outdoor kitchen operate – we have the entire project covered. You can even add a patio cover, or an outdoor room to house your patio kitchen in, it’s one stop concept to finish for you here.

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