Swimming Pools

Get that beautiful swimming pool of your dreams!

Your backyard landscaping projects go so much smoother and faster when you work with a single contractor.  Working with Desert Crest covers every element possible so popular in outdoor living spaces today. Most Scottsdale and Phoenix swimming pool companies only build pools or remodel pools. You have to hire a landscaper to finish up the project with pool decking, the plants, and any other features or finishing touches that complete this portion of your backyard.

Simplify your life and save yourself a lot of time by having everything done by one company. We have worked in pool landscaping, pool decks and pool remodeling for years. Applying our outdoor masonry skills and design talent to such a huge portion of backyards today is a natural progression that makes perfect sense.

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Which pool is you?

If you’ve got an outdated pool, chances are it simply doesn’t fit your idea of what it should be. We can change that in the remodeling process, which can be the answer for many homeowners here in the Valley. Add a spa, change the walls, switch the coping and trim, incorporate a wet bar, and install waterfalls or decorative fountains… it’s all available here. You’re guaranteed an excellent customer experience, and a fantastic looking pool when the job is done.  Want a shady end in the water? No problem! Adding custom shade structures, and even open air outdoor rooms is a cinch here. They can be attached to your home or freestanding.

It’s popular for homeowners to want outdoor fireplaces or fire pits adjacent to their Phoenix or Scottsdale swimming pool’s spa. You’ll love the design and craftsmanship this brings to your outdoor living experience.

The decking makes or breaks your Scottsdale or Phoenix swimming pool’s beauty.

You have many options for  pool deck paving with a Desert Crest pool, and none of them are Kool Deck. Our paving palette gives you a huge variety in finished looks, but Fresh Parking Lot isn’t included. Our taste, and our client’s preferences tend to be more stylish, and far more durable.

Pool decks we recommend and install will provide you with timeless beauty, gorgeous colors, and be made from materials that will sail through many decades of use without need for repair. Your choices will be high quality natural stones pavers and tiles, and can incorporate porch flooring or your patio as well. Getting good visual flow and spill over entertaining space is important in the smaller backyards Phoenix and Scottsdale area homes offer today.

A refreshing experience awaits you. Swimming pool redesign that fit your needs and Valley lifestyle is something you can count on at Desert Crest. The first step in enjoying your sensational new pool is just a phone call away.

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