You're going to love our new 3D Scottsdale and Phoenix landscape design. It's so much easier to know what your new yard will look like.

Scottsdale – Phoenix Landscape Design

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Great Landscaping is Well-Planned

Most people look at a beautifully landscaped yard and see a wonderful mixture of color and texture. When properly done, excellent Scottsdale – Phoenix landscape design includes a lot more than meets the eye. Plants are just the frosting, the last step in a properly planned landscaping installation. And while we use plants in landscaping as decorative elements, they are so much more.

Plants need optimum conditions to live robustly. So, professional landscape design does more than skim the surface. The designer must ensure that the proper foundation for each live plant and every structure or paved area is part of the overall installation. If they don’t; plants struggle or die, retaining walls fall down, and structures fail. Not good. Poorly planned landscaping is both high-maintenance and expensive.

Desert landscaping seems simplified…

But a good deal of beneath-the-surface planning and prep that must come first. Professional design is an art form requiring talent and skill. Your designer must be able to envision the mature shape and size of each plant placed into the whole and its future in relation to everything around it. This is what creates a solid landscape design. Your Phoenix or Scottsdale landscaping’s beauty and functionality depends on this if you want a low-maintenance yard for many years to come. The average person forgets that the small plant they purchase will grow much larger as the years go by.

Different plants have different needs and must be grouped according to their preferences. Your softscaping is far removed from interior decorating due to the scientific and agricultural knowledge that is a part of every successful design. It is the landscape designer’s job to group plants with similar requirements in a display that is pleasing twelve months a year. Professionals with skill understand that each of the living elements of a landscape must happily cohabitate in that space for many years. Unfortunately, this is not the case more often than you would suspect.

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Dimensional landscape design… Visit your future

Moving from hand-drawn design on paper to computer generated was a huge improvement in delivering landscaping  that correctly solved problems and worked with the client’s budget. Exciting stuff – thirty years ago. But it was still difficult for people to envision what those lines and symbols would look like in their yard.

Today’s world isn’t flat and one-dimensional.

Say goodbye to trying to imagine what your new landscaping will look like. We can take you there. Seeing the future of your yard is here. No time travel. No over-worked imagination.

We now offer multi-dimensional landscape renderings and video. See your new yard in highly detailed, 2D and 3D landscape design… in living color! Like the image at the top of this page.

Virtual Reality Design

Professional landscape designers solve problems first.

A property without issues is a rare gem. Something usually needs addressing, like grade corrections, soil conditions, or drainage. The skilled landscape designer identifies and corrects site problems before planning surface details. Properly doing so and incorporating it into your grand plan isn’t always simple.

The second step in professional landscape design is laying out the hardscape elements, along with the needed utility lines and your irrigation system skeleton. This includes shade structures, fire pits, built-in grills, swimming pools, retaining walls, and paving for things like your driveway, pool deck, and patio.

Only at this point can the plants envisioned for your yard be considered. Properly placed them is crucial. Once your plants are all selected and arranged, the designer can finalize the irrigation plan.

Scottsdale – Phoenix landscape design requires great plant knowledge.

There is so much to know about ornamental plants and their needs to create great landscaping. The plant kingdom, even in desert landscaping, is vast and widely varied. Improper landscape design results in many headaches and unnecessary future expenses. A landscape represents a significant portion of your real estate value. So, it’s wise to do everything correctly from the very beginning.

The Desert Crest team is highly skilled in complete landscape design and installation. We make it easy to discover the perfect solutions for you, your dreams, your lifestyle, and your real estate. You and your Desert Crest designer will plan a landscape that will provide enjoyment of both beauty and function. You will enjoy excellent customer service and a one on one experience with your personal designer.

You need far more than a landscape contracting company.

We build exterior lifestyles and outdoor living spaces that bring your dreams to reality. Quality materials and craftsmanship, along with stellar customer service, are always our focus.

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