Video tour your future yard while still in the planning stages with virtual reality landscape design, Phoenix - Scottsdale services from Desert Crest LLC.

3D Landscape Design: Phoenix – Scottsdale

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Visit Your Future Yard Now

Thanks to modern technology, you won’t have to wait until the work is completed to actually see what your newly landscaped yard will look like. Desert Crest offers you a personal video trip and 3D landscape renderings of the target areas using virtual reality programming.  With 3D landscape design, Phoenix – Scottsdale area homeowners won’t miss trying to envision how one dimensional plans will turn out. Sure, we can do elevation sketches to give clients a better idea of how structures will look, but it doesn’t hold a candle to this.

Besides being more exciting, VR landscape design can shorten the time used in planning your new landscaping. Our program allows your designer to make changes on the spot, showing you the results during the same consultation appointment. Alterations visible in minutes… not days. And if that thought isn’t quite on target, more tweaks are possible without ever leaving your kitchen table.

Amazing. Convenient. Time-saving.

Anxiety Level = 0

Sounds too good to be true? You’re gonna love this. See it for yourself in the video below:

Gotta Have 3D Landscape Design?

We don’t blame you at all. It solves all sorts of issues homeowners face getting from the planning stage to the installation stage. Traditional footprint-only scaled plans are perfect for the installers, but not so helpful to clients.

Struggling to envision the future is a thing of the past. So is having a hard time deciding which color of pavers or tile will look best on your patio and grill counter. Now you can actually see it before making such important selections. A huge improvement over having to rely on small samples, material photos, and your imagination. And you get a highly-detailed look at all the plants and elements in three-dimensional relation to each other, as well as from every angle.

Advanced landscape design using virtual reality makes the planning process easier on everyone involved. Being able to see how elements and plants work together in relation to each other gives you peace of mind. It also makes creating exactly what you want easier for the designer. It’s a win-win situation. And our program creates the working landscape plan that the crews will use for the installations from the same footprint, recalculating changes instantly in the background. Nothing is lost in translation. And your installation plan is ready to roll for the workers the minute you arrive at perfection.

Want to see more examples? Visit our Landscape Design Portfolio.

Phoenix – Scottsdale Landscape Design Options

Professional landscape designs aren’t free. We can give you a ball park estimate without charging a fee, but if your want a solid price, you need an actual landscape design where every item, labor hour, and square foot can be estimated accurately.

3D landscape rendering option

This is our budget landscape design option. It gives your one or more snap shot renderings (depending on the scope of your project), and a full plant list along with our quote for doing the work. A free estimate isn’t budget-friendly, not when you don’t have a solid total cost!

VR landscape design video option

The ultimate in advanced design. This gives you 3D landscape renderings and a virtual tour video of your project, along with the full plant list and job quote. Due to the extra time invested in creating the full package, we charge a deposit fee for these landscape designs. The cost is applied as a credit when you contract Desert Crest LLC to install your new landscaping.

Ready to get started on creating your future yard?

Give us a call to schedule a consultation. We’d love to hear all about your ideas and help you turn them into reality.

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