Softscaping covers all the plants used for landscaping in Phoenix & Scottsdale; usually a mix of trees, shrubs, cacti, succulents, and perennials.

Plant Spaces: Landscaping in Phoenix & Scottsdale

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Low Maintenance Beauty

Xeriscaping is perfect for your yard in the Valley of the Sun. Native desert plants, and those that are drought-tolerant or acclimate well to the harsh desert weather, are less costly to care for than lush plants used in your landscaping. Yet, well-designed Phoenix landscapes and those surrounding homes out into the suburbs and Scottsdale can be very striking. You can choose from our wide selection of evergreens and perennials or deciduous plants to frame your house, soften your outdoor living areas, and add wonderful color where you want it.

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For those who prefer a lusher, more tropical style to their Arizona softscaping, the knowledge available here can create great beauty for you that still affords you the benefit of reduced maintenance. No matter what area of the world you live in, there is a right way and a wrong way to install plants in a landscape. Properly preparing the soil will always lessen the amount of water and care any plant, regardless of size, will need in your yard. With the right foundation and irrigation design, you can have sensational Arizona softscapes that exceed the local expectancy in landscape design. You should take note that these types of plants will still require more water than those adapted to life in the untamed desert to thrive, but not as much as with improper soil conditions.

Desert landscaping can fit any lifestyle beautifully.

You can choose plants that flower profusely in a rainbow of colors from March through November. Should you prefer the beauty of texture and muted color in the yard, there are many trees, shrubs, grasses, succulents, and cacti that can perform this in a wonderful variety. There are also those that have heavenly scents and others that climb privacy walls to soften outdoor spaces like secluded courtyards.

Even with an awesome planting design of great looking plants, your Phoenix, Northwest or West Valley landscaping will perform far better and be more lush with a regular light application of water. To conserve precious fresh water and ensure that your desert plants have the moisture available where they need it to be, drip irrigation is highly suggested. Unless you have lawn areas, there is no reason to have sprinklers wasting water.

Landscaping in Scottsdale and Phoenix has fabulous potential.

Some desert landscaping plants tolerate clay soils and others most definitely do not. All areas around Phoenix and up into the hills have spotty soil composites on a property that will range from very sandy or gravely to heavy clay. To provide the best possible conditions for each plant chosen for use in your yard, the soil must properly prepped prior to their installation.

Many years of experience working with Arizona landscaping has taught us to always amend the soil in each planting area for the unique needs of variety being planted in that space. We also adjust the irrigation to provide just the right amount of moisture at the roots.

The first step to adding vibrant color and robust desert landscaping to your yard is an onsite design consultation. This allows your landscape designer to investigate soil conditions and any issues that may need correcting before any planting can be performed. We work with each client to ensure that your new landscaping will fit their taste, lifestyle and outdoor spaces.

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