Not every Phoenix lawn or Scottsdale lawn is high maintenance. We only install rugged Arizona grass, bred to perform well in our arid climate.

Arizona Grass: A Scottsdale – Phoenix Lawn

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Great Arizona Lawns are Low-Maintenance

Did you know that the easiest to maintain Arizona grass comes from having sod installed as opposed to putting down grass seed? Choosing the wrong type of grass can mean that a huge amount of daily watering is needed. It’s the only way some lawn grasses will provide a thick carpet of Scottsdale-Phoenix grass.

The type of lawn grass you select makes a major difference in how great your turf areas look year around. The choice also determines how often you must mow and the amount of water it will take to keep Scottsdale and Phoenix lawns looking great. Just because the sod is available around your home, doesn’t mean it is the best thing to use for low-cost maintenance or year around beauty.

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Every property has special desert lawn requirements.

Where you have shade, you can’t use the same types of lawn grasses that you do in full sun. Where there is no shade, any Valley lawn will require more irrigation to stay robust and green. Winter grass installation is best done after your new sod is established. Some types of winter lawns are superior to others in the Scottsdale – Phoenix area climate.

Having worked with and maintained all the different grass types that will grow here, we can certainly steer you in the right direction. New lawn grass types bred specifically for the challenging desert climate and soils with enhanced water conservation are available. They make a profound difference in what you have heard about desert lawns in the past, and what is true today.

To learn more about what the best option is for having low maintenance, yet beautiful, green grass in your Valley landscaping – give us a call. In just one visit we’ll be able to quickly tell you the best choice of Arizona grass for your lawn. And should you prefer to go the artificial grass route, rest assured, we can help you select the best option to fit your budget.

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