Having constant color in Scottsdale and Phoenix landscaping is something every homeowner wishes for. That’s a tall order to fill for any living plant, because they need regeneration periods, and some only flower once a year. But there are a handful of stars that will give you more blooming than others without having to rely on annuals to give you a lot of bright, cheerful yellow for extended periods, or even sporadically through three seasons.

You want color in every season? We’ve included one selection that will be in flower while the others are resting up over the off-season.

1) Yellow Hibiscus

Shown above, Hibiscus rosa sinensis is a shrub you will want to keep close to your favorite chair on the patio. Huge, gorgeous tropical flowers are borne on new growth almost constantly. Each bloom only lasts a day, but these plants pump out color continually almost year around. The cold season does cause very noticeable slowdown in flower production, and extended exposure to temperature below 29 degrees can damage the plant, even totally kill the portions above ground. Not to worry though, it will rapidly repair, growing back from the roots, so you won’t be without those incredibly lush 5″ wide flowers for long.

You can grow hibiscus in the ground and in containers, the later allowing you to move the plant inside if threatening cold snaps descend. They are evergreen and will reach up to 15 feet tall in their native climate, a little judicious pruning will allow you to keep your Hibiscus attractively shaped and maintaining a more desirable size. They do best in the Scottsdale-Phoenix area in part shade, though they withstand our summer temperatures very well. Their heaviest blooming is in the spring.

Caesalpinia gilliesii - Yellow Bird of Paradise2) Desert Bird of Paradise

Sometimes called Yellow Bird of Paradise, Caesalpinia gilliesii puts out new blooms repeatedly from spring to fall. It’s a smaller drought tolerant shrub well suited for xeriscaping that reaches up to 6-8 feet high, and 4-6 feet wide. They love heat and sun, rapidly growing larger, though you can prune them into a well shaped shrub, or even a small tree that gives wonderful cold season interest in the landscape. Thanks to their demands being delivered in our climate, they are just as easy to care for in containers as they are in the ground.

At the height of it’s glory in summer, for those who want loads of yellow flowers in the yard, prepare to fall in love with this rugged, yet stunning plant. Image courtesy of fourdir.

3) Yellow Bells

A large shrub at maturity, Tecoma stans var. angustata is very showy in full bloom, and it flowers spring through fall. Reaching 10-12 feet tall and wide, it is easily maintained as a small ornamental tree with proper trimming and maintenance, making them a marvelous addition to the patio area plantings. They are highly drought tolerant too, and are very popular choices for landscaping here in The Valley.

The coldest temperatures we have in the winter will cause some damage, but they are simple to clean up by removing the dead tops, and will grow back in beautifully come spring. Plant them in full sun in the xeriscape for the best flowering. It will have periods of little to no bloom through the three seasons it flowers as it rests up for the next eruption of yellow trumpet shaped flowers.

Yellow Lantana Camara4) Yellow Lantana

Pay no attention to anyone who says that Lantana camara is an invasive plant. Here in Phoenix and Scottsdale, they don’t spread because they need some irrigation to live, but they give you tons of yummy yellow flowers summer through fall on a grass or citrus watering cycle, and they are low growing perennials that you won’t have to trim back to keep their size in check.

The blooming starts in late spring, and they are at their best in the high temperatures of summer. In fact, they even look great in the face of reflected heat. In winter this plant is a little tired looking, but will bounce back quickly when spring arrives. Image courtesy of Wings of Enchantment.

Other Great Yellow Blooming Landscape Plants

Gopher Plant (Euphorbia rigida) is a great addition to xeriscaping that blooms heavily in the spring. It will give you splashes of yellow during the weeks that most other yellow flowering plants that do well in our climate are waking up or regenerating for a new flush of color. A sprawling subshrub it grows 2 feet high by 3-5 feet wide.

Turpentine Bush (Ericameria laricifoliais a small evergreen shrub that has nice fine textural interest through the more colorful months of the year, and blooms in late fall to winter when everything else is in it’s off season. They need full sun in well-drained soil and are perfect for xeriscaping – don’t over water!

Top image courtesy of pizzodisevo, CCby2.0.

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