One of the hottest new additions to outdoor living spaces in Scottsdale and Phoenix – putting greens. Not surprising, given that a grassy area increases the beauty of your landscaping. But a putting green offers more benefits than visually cooling off your yard with the addition of that grounding green expanse we lack in a water-wise desert landscape design. Here you have green space that does double duty.

It goes without saying that they’re popular among avid golfers, but there are those who just want to putt for fun. Conquering getting that ball in the hole can be a great way to get kids occupied outdoors. And what about a little competitive fun among friends? A putting green is far more attractive than a horseshoe pit, and safer in compact spaces too.

Synthetic putting greens aren’t all the same. The quality of the construction, and the materials used make the difference between a long lasting asset, and one that will need repair too quickly. As far as the artificial putting green turf itself, cheap is never the smart choice in the Phoenix area. That desert sun is brutal, so you want to select a top quality surface engineered to hold up for years under it’s rays. The result of cost cutting there is a quick to deteriorate green, making it necessary to replace the grass more often.

Building the base of Scottsdale and Phoenix putting greens also calls for proper material selection and installation. Poorly compacted structure isn’t a simple thing to correct. The only way to fix that is total excavation and starting with a completely fresh installation. Which means… it’s far less expensive to go the professional, high quality route the first time. Otherwise you’ll be paying for two putting greens, plus rip-out labor, extra machine hours, and debris haulage.

Working with Desert Crest, you’re guaranteed an excellent quality, professional installation. No matter how simple or complex your putting green vision is. With many years experience at building foundations that will hold up for decades, if not over a century, in our harsh desert climate, we know all to well that you simply can’t cut corners. What goes into making the hidden parts of your artificial turf putting green is just as important as the quality of grass that adorns the surface. The grass needs a solid base, one that will not shift, and drains well – even in the worst of our rains.

We use a heavy duty 60 ounce synthetic grass designed especially for putting greens, so you’ll enjoy great control of the ball, as well as long lasting beauty. It’s lead-free, UV resistant to guard against fading, and holds up to our high temperatures and frost too. Our putting green grass is also a longer pile, giving the avid golfer great surface speed. And it’s crafted with 2 tones of green yarns to give it a more realistic look than other options on the market.

Finishing off a putting green is of interest to every one of our customers, after all, it’s a big part of a home’s outdoor living space, and a definite curb appeal feature. The edge has to be dealt with in one way when it’s abutting landscape stone, and another if it’s inset into an artificial grass lawn. Some people are interested in having a rough when the only grass in the installation is the putting green. For this application we use an 80 ounce premium synthetic grass that has a low brown thatch added to the pile. Not only does this give your Phoenix putting green more realistic beauty, the added textural interest sets it apart from many you may have seen. It also makes the best artificial grass lawn – built tough, but very natural looking, which makes it the perfect choice when a putting green is part of a larger lawn installation project.

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