Project Description

Aluminum Shade Structures: Phoenix

Wood pergolas are lovely, but you’ve got to do some maintenance on them every now and then. Aluminum shade structures, Phoenix, will outlast them all, no matter how well you keep on top of sealing the wood. And unlike iron or steel, rust is never a problem, not to mention that aluminum weighs a lot less. It’s very unlikely that you would ever have to replace parts due to deterioration from age too.

Instead of sticking with the traditional white or dark wood, this client chose a light neutral that flows with the new tumbled travertine patio. The result is beautiful. Light and airy, without being too stark. The support beam pedestals are constructed of block and finished with natural face stone capped by the same travertine used on the patio installation. The shade structure runs the length of the house, giving them all kinds of room for relaxing, dining, and entertaining in comfort. The pool’s spa is also beneath the shade roof.

Aluminum shade structures, Phoenix, are also budget-friendly. You can get quite a bit more shaded space than you would when spending the same amount on wood construction. No matter what color is perfect for your outdoor living space and home, the crisp, clean lines work very well for modern rustic to contemporary style.

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