Anthem Spa Surround

A few steps away from dancing flames in the fire pit sits this lovely new natural stone spa surround. Incorporating the rough faced stack stone from the fence pillars spreads their rustic beauty to all raised patio elements, pulling different surfaces together for a unified look.

The spa coping matches the patio, which we did in Noce Travertine. It’s a rich, beautiful color without getting too dark that comes from a special quarry in Mexico. The deeper markings in the coping and patio tiles blends right in with the split face stone creating an excellent contrast and compliment. Beyond this partially submerged spa is the pool and a larger fire pit that matches the spa surround.

The finished look here is modern and rustic, but still retains that casual elegant flavor we wanted in the planning process. This Anthem patio and pool deck was laid in the Versailles pattern that incorporates several sizes and shapes of tumbled stone for a softer surface than you get from pavers.

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