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Gorgeous Artificial Turf – Scottsdale

The Only Carefree Lawn

This recently completed backyard remodel included a lot of artificial turf. Scottsdale clients now step into an oasis with greatly reduced maintenance over the natural grass that existed before. Not only that, but going lush without all the fuss doesn’t mean sacrificing beauty anymore.

Sure, in its earlier days, synthetic grass made more sense on a sports field than in home landscaping. However, it’s come a long way, becoming quite natural-looking over the past few years. Naturally, the most realistic artificial turf falls into the premium quality category. It has 3 different yarns; 2 shades of green with some brown mixed in, just as you’ll find on close inspection of any natural grass lawn.

These clients chose plush, 90-oz synthetic grass for their yard. Of course, the best quality is more expensive, but when you compare it to the cost of keeping the same lawn space looking great all year long? The price becomes a non-issue. No more seeding for summer and repeating the task for winter. Brown spots and bare spots are never an issue. You’ll be free of concern over water use to keep it going. And it never needs mowing or fertilizer.

What’s not to love about artificial turf, Scottsdale?

It is simply the best lawn grass for desert living. You’ll have more spare time without live lawn to tend. More time to spend on the golf course or whatever you enjoy doing most. And you yard will continue to look great month after month, year after year.

Ready to go greener? Let’s chat about where you want artificial grass in your yard. Call to schedule a consultation to get the ball rolling on your desert oasis.

And if natural grass is more to your liking, we install those too, using sod bred for the Arizona climate.

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