Backyard Golf Greens

One advantage xeriscaping for the desert climate has over areas with plentiful rainfall, is that backyard golf greens, Scottsdale, don’t compete with natural lawn grasses in your landscape design. Synthetic turf makes more sense here in the desert, and when it’s stands alone as a lawn space, that sweep of rich green added to your yard is striking. Certainly nothing that needs to be hidden… even if it is your personal putting green. It’s very tempting to leave the putt practicing area in one corner and extend the lush look over larger areas of the backyard.

Make it stand out, or blend it in with an expanse of lush green. It can be basic, or contoured – rectangular, or curvy. In fact, the best practice greens will give you some slants and ripples to mimic what happens on a real golf course. Whatever you’ve got in mind, we do fully custom outdoor golf greens, Scottsdale golfers. Tell us what you want, and we’ll make it happen.

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