Project Description

Backyard Living Patio: Peoria

Where would backyard living be without the paver? Patios with great style have certainly become more affordable since their invention. What’s more, their good looks will last for decades if not a century. That’s what you call excellent return on the investment in your landscaping. Peoria, AZ outdoor living spaces all start with a patio as the foundation.

As is seen in the image above, this particular client’s backyard had great looking, mature plants around the privacy walls and fencing. It looks like the patio has been there for years, but it’s new. They now have a spacious area to enjoy with guests and family with entertainment seating walls adjacent to the built in gas grill’s island. With the construction completed, they are ready to add outdoor furniture to increase the paver patio’s comfort and functionality.

Whether in Peoria, Glendale or Phoenix, landscape design by Desert Crest is always innovative, budget minded and top quality. Your wishes and best interests are always important to both the workers and management at our landscaping company.

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