Beautiful Curb Appeal


This beautiful home would be striking with traditional desert style Arizona landscaping. Adding the lush landscaping touch of Arizona sod changes everything. The increased curb appeal for this property with a selectively placed Phoenix lawn’s sweep setting off the adobe and stone masonry is spectacular.

The rest of the plants used in the landscape design are simple and very architectural, allowing the home to become the predominant element in the overall picture. While this small expanse of Phoenix lawn’s presence will require more water than the rest of the living elements in this simple, but elegant Arizona landscaping design – the impact it provides is remarkable. Notice how much more pronounced the beauty of the low stone masonry walls of the front courtyard becomes with a sweep of grass where most would have used landscape stone.

The well chosen sod type used in a prominent spot in your Glendale, Phoenix or Scottsdale landscaping can be well worth the investment. The right Arizona sod for your yard’s soil and light conditions will use less water and be more lush.

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