Beehive Patio Fireplaces

Unique to Southwestern culture, the beehive style is perfect for adding an outdoor fireplace to even the smallest patios. This particular Glendale outdoor fireplace’s stucco finish is smooth and in a light terra cotta tone to create a great companion to the massive beams and poles that make up the rustic pergola shade roof.

Fitting everything into the space at the foot of an incline that the couple wanted was a challenge, but we came up with the perfect solution to fit their space and their needs. There is much more going on in this backyard Glendale landscape design than is shown in this image. To the left of the seating and barbecue area lies a tall cascading waterfall, pool and stone bridge to the spa. What better place to escape in seclusion from the hectic outside world?

Over the years, we’ve built a lot of beehive styled outdoor fireplaces. No two are alike. Desert Crest gives each one it’s own unique finishing touches, coloring and chimney design. Sometimes called a kiva, this distinctively Arizona style has been keeping people warm, both inside and outdoor, for centuries. Schedule a free consultation to get started on your custom outdoor fireplace today.

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