Brick Built In Grills

If you’ve got a great looking brick privacy wall, matching that for the built in grills’ construction can give you a really clean looking outdoor living space. Adding yet another texture to this Phoenix landscape design, the result would a cluttered look in this small backyard. Conserving as much patio space as possible was also important, and building the gas grill’s cabinet onto the privacy wall allowed us to do just that. This placement made blending the grill structure into the wall make even more sense.

While this might not be possible with some brick styles that are older, it certainly looks great. The grill island’s counter is the same material as the new paver patio with a rounded bull nose to give the structure a smooth finished edge.

This patio is constructed of Artistic Pavers. The light color expands the space visually and keeps the outdoor living space and pool deck as cool as possible during the hot months of summer.

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