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Bubbling Rocks Outdoor Fountain: Scottsdale, AZ

It isn’t necessary to have a large fixture to enjoy the cooling sound of running water from an outdoor fountain. Scottsdale, AZ fountains need not even look like a fountain at all. In this recently finished front courtyard project we used bubbling rocks as the water feature with a hidden basin. It’s great for those that prefer a more natural look. Bubbler rocks also allow the plants to be the focal point, and will work in even the most compact spaces.

Bubbler rocks are not cultured. They are natural rocks that can be any color available in the area, and can be created from a range of sizes too. These types of outdoor fountains can be put together using a single outstanding rock, or two or more in different heights for added interest. The water recirculates from a small basin hidden beneath the rock mulch.

Depending on the rocks selected to use in your Phoenix or Scottsdale courtyard, a bubbling rocks fountain can offer a bold focal point, or a soothing presence that blends in with the garden. The water is piped up through holes bored through the entire length of the rock from the reservoir filled with landscape stone, which can either match the surrounding mulch layer or accent it to make the water feature more pronounced visually.

Unlike traditional basin fountains, this design is extremely conservative in water use. They require less water to operate and pump a smaller amount into the air where it can quickly evaporate in desert heat. With the reservoir contents stored beneath the surface, it is protected from the baking sun with these outdoor fountains. Scottsdale, AZ homeowners who would love a water feature but don’t want to waste water will find these meet their needs nicely.

An modern approach to the outdoor fountain, Scottsdale AZ.

How many bubbler rocks will your new fountain have? One is nice, but you get more trickling sound effects with multiple rocks working together. Three bubblers of staggered heights is very cool, especially if the rocks have interesting character or outstanding veining.

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