Built In Gas Grills

Whether starting from scratch or adding to your Arizona patio design functions, probably the most popular element is a built in BBQ grill. Taking the convenience one step further, by adding a gas line from your home’s utilities, ensures that you’ll never run out of flames in the middle of rustling up the world’s greatest steak. From design to completion, Desert Crest is equipped and skilled in building patio barbecues of any size or type.

Glendale, Scottsdale of Phoenix built in gas grills today are a hot commodity for our year around enjoyment of outdoor living spaces. Not just because food prepared over the open flames is always better than meals cooked indoors, but because it takes away the barriers between inside and out. Having a well equipped cooking area outdoors allows the central Arizona resident to enjoy the lifestyle here more thoroughly.

We design and install built in gas grills in an island construction that is great looking, blends with your home and is a long lasting asset to your curb appeal and property value. Desert Crest has been operating in the Scottsdale, Phoenix and Glendale landscaping industry for almost two full decades. Our reputation for innovation and quality never wavers from being 5 star, and one call covers it all. This is especially important for home improvement projects like this where running electricity and gas lines is involved. No other contractor is needed, our Arizona general contractors’ license and experience means less headache for you and a faster finished job.

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