Built In Grills Phoenix

No doubt about it, the rich colored stone facing on this built in grill’s cabinet will lend just the right amount of drama to many an outdoor living space’s appeal. With light colored walls and travertine pavers on the ground, going darker for extra features makes perfect sense. The contrast is simply outstanding and welcome in many examples of Scottsdale and Phoenix landscaping.

This homeowner’s available space is more limited than most. A condo property leaves you only several feet of open space past the edge of your back porch or deck. Its not easy to do a lot with your landscape design in such a situation. Since they already had a roof overhead, the obvious solution was to turn it into an outdoor living room, extending the floor as far as possible in every direction. This gave them enough room for a seating area just outside the back door, this gorgeous built in BBQ along the right wall and even an outdoor fireplace complete with waterfalls cascading down the natural stone.

If you visit the page that covers all the assets of this now wonderful space, you’ll see that there is ample room to allow 4 bar stools and still give the chef elbow room and quick access to everything on this grill island. The work area is lighted, illuminating not just the 2-burner cooktop and grill, but also the refrigerator area. The bar on the opposite end is easily lit by candlelight.

Check out the video and you’ll see what a wonderful space this outdoor living room is fully furnished and the water features running. Click Here

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