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Cantera Stone Courtyard: Scottsdale

It’s hard to beat natural stone at adding just the right note to your courtyard landscaping. Scottsdale homeowners concerned about making the right impression realize that this outdoor space is the first thing visitors see of your home. It’s a big factor in Valley real estate curb appeal, so you want it to carry the appropriate impact.

Cantera stone has wonderful personality that works with any style. It fits right in with formal and elegant or relaxed, in both contemporary and rustic surroundings. Indigenous to Mexico, people have used it for centuries for long-lasting buildings, decorative pieces, and stone paving. The word ‘cantera’ means quarry in Spanish. This beautiful stone can vary in color, depending on the location it comes from. Cantera is also perfect for carving and used to make many items from balusters to benches and ornaments.

This recently completed courtyard design is clean and classy, a look that would work with anyone’s home or taste. The homeowner selected a fantastic iron gate that really sets off the new courtyard. Landscaping is minimal, yet creates quite a focal point. Everyone in Scottsdale wants ultra low maintenance landscaping, and this design meets that requirement.

This central planting might appear blocking traffic flow to the door. However, the central placement softens the home’s exterior walls and hardscaping from any viewing angle, indoors and out. Seasonal annual color changes in the planting bed give the area some variety. Adding a few pots with plants brings more bloom and texture to the secluded courtyard’s walls without a lot more work needed to keep the space looking great.

Stone is perfect for courtyard landscaping: Scottsdale or Phoenix

With numerous natural stone paving options available, choosing might seem difficult. Travertine is beautiful, but Cantera comes in a colors it doesn’t. And you can have a visually cleaner look with these larger size blocks and softer stone patterning. Less paving joints and vein swirls equals a cleaner textural presence, which is always popular in contemporary design.

Below is an uncropped version of the top image. It shows you the full effect this understated courtyard landscaping has on the home’s entrance door. Simply, perfection.

Large cantera stone tiles create an clean, sophisticated outdoor floor in this Scottsdale courtyard design.
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