Project Description

Color Falls Outdoor Fountains: Phoenix

This recently finished patio upgrade project features a great looking stone outdoor fountain built onsite to fit the available space. The basin and back walls are faced in rich brown Autumn Blend stone, a natural rock that has highlights of gold, cream, and some shade in between. The stone walls are capped with travertine, and it is beautiful whether the water is running or not.

The water cascades down the walls from three narrow sleeves, which is always a nice effect that provides more interest than a series of pipes in an attempt to get more water falling. We’ve added night lighting with color LEDs inside the channels. Besides using less electricity than uplighting with low voltage options, LED diodes give you a choice of colors to pick from. The entire effect is also totally different than regular outdoor lighting is capable of creating. While the light inside the cascade sleeve is brightest, the entire band of water carries the blue light to the basin pool.

Color falls are an exciting way enhance your outdoor lighting, and add special effects to outdoor fountains. Phoenix – Scottsdale water features by Desert Crest are designed to fit your personal space and taste.

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