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Color It Beautiful: Scottsdale

For homeowners new to area, Scottsdale landscaping may seem limited compared to the types of plants used to in cooler climates, Yet, as you can see, we can achieve a great deal of beauty and charm using desert-tough plants. Yes, it’s totally foreign to the landscaping in the Midwest, Northern states, and Canada. But truthfully, those plantings you’re so used to would look alien against Southwestern architecture. Such a combination will only argue with each other.

Desert architecture is bold. Plants that thrive in our climate must also be bold and rugged. They often have very chunky texture with overly thick trunks and leaves, because that’s where they store the moisture needed to survive in an arid place. Yet, they can have the most delicate and stunning blooms. Knowledgeable combinations  of our extremely drought-tolerant plants offer the perfect framing for Scottsdale homes and outdoor living spaces here in the desert. You can still enjoy lots of color many months of the year – if your Scottsdale landscaping is designed perform that way.

All plants have a bloom season, in any part of North America. Plants hardy in in the Scottsdale area often bloom much longer than those in cooler climates. A bonus, especially with today’s smaller yards where you need greater color impact from less plants. Working with Desert Crest, you’ll find that our plant knowledge can help you create a home landscape that provides lots of color and textural interest year round.

Get more color impact from Scottsdale landscaping.

Learning about desert hardy plants from books might give you inspiration to get to know some of them better. But understanding them at a level required to create a landscape that remains beautiful year around requires far more knowledge. Working knowledge. Put our decades of experience in Phoenix and Scottsdale landscape design, installation, and maintenance to work for you.

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