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Complete Outdoor Kitchen: Scottsdale

Grill, Boil, Fry, or Bake

If you’re going to have an outdoor kitchen, Scottsdale, you’ll probably want to do more than grill some steaks. These clients have what they need to cook almost anything on their beautiful new patio. And they can enjoy doing so well into the night with the lighting design we’ve installed in their new kitchen.

Naturally, the patio paving and outdoor kitchen should have smooth visual appeal. Here we used the same Ivory Beige Travertine on everything. Contrast is often wonderful, but so is fluidity, and in a small space it makes you feel less closed in. The split-face travertine used under the bar counter does include a few dramatic darker stones, but it makes the texture stand out without taking over. Which is why we only used the light travertine brick for the pizza oven enclosure’s face. It already commands attention towering above the cooking surface. You don’t want it to take over.

The pizza oven is a slide-in gas unit whose sleek stainless steel front blends with all the other appliances. It’s central placement gives the cook convenient access the under-cabinet refrigerator and sink on the left, along with the cooktop and grill to the right. Prep area is also available on both sides of the oven, which with precision heat control allows you to bake, roast, or sear with perfection. Something a rustic outdoor pizza oven makes challenging.

There are three clearly defined outdoor living spaces along the back of this patio. The outdoor kitchen sits next to a handsome fire pit faced with matching travertine brick that the clients chose Cobalt Fire Glass as the fill. A gorgeous color that makes lounging around the fire extra pleasant. Placing the fire pit in the center of their patio space allows enjoying the flames from any seat in the backyard.

Smooth and split-face travertine create a beautiful outdoor fire pit and outdoor kitchen. Scottsdale clients also included a pizza oven in the new outdoor kitchen.
Cobalt Fire Glass adds lots of pizzazz to this travertine fire pit and spa surround. The spa has it's own channel fire pits too.

On the opposite corner from the kitchen sits a lovely raised spa faced with the same travertine we used on the patio. However, our clients don’t have to fire up the central fire pit to have flames when enjoying their spa. The new spa enclosure has it’s own channel fire pits built into the back wall. One on each side, and both are filled with the same Cobalt Fire Glass.

Look how lush this outdoor living space appears without the travertine pavers running into a sea of granite. Adding synthetic grass between the plantings and patio softens all the stone surfaces and brings a lot of brilliant color to the yard. No matter where you sit on this patio, the view is both soothing and beautiful.

What’s in your dream outdoor kitchen, Scottsdale?

Working with Desert Crest can bring everything you want from your yard to life. And we can help you with planning the work flow as professionally as the visual appeal.

We’d love to hear all about what’s in your new outdoor kitchen. Let’s chat about all the possibilities. Schedule your design consultation today.

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