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Complete Pool Remodeling: Scottsdale

An older pool can make your entire outdoor living space less appealing. Especially some of the ideas people were trying out in pool design twenty or thirty years ago that proved not ready for prime time. Such was the case with this particular backyard pool. Look at the before picture, and you’ll quickly agree that it was long overdue for complete pool remodeling. Scottsdale and Phoenix likely have a few more examples of this attempt at “natural” pool design, but finishes for pools have come a long, long way.

Look at the difference in the before and after comparison below. An incredible change, like night and day.

The pool area made the backyard look pretty bad before this swimming pool remodeling. Scottsdale clients were excited to see the last of it's dilapidated ugliness.
Not only does the pool and decking look lovely after this Scottsdale pool remodeling was finished, the homeowners have a lot more deck space and an outdoor fireplace.

Obviously, remodeling the pool itself brings that large area of the backyard up to date, but you also need new pool decking after a major renovation like this. The smart homeowner today will not want cool decking again. It just does not sail through time without needing unsightly repairs. Once again, the beauty and longevity of natural travertine made choosing the decking a cinch, especially when it flows right into a patio perfectly. For this client’s project, we used the 3-piece tumbled travertine pavers.

The pool itself was done in Pebble Sheen Color Sand with Puerto Rico Blend Glass. This is a superior quality pool finish that is time-tested and very durable, easy to maintain, and looks like granite. It’s available in a range of colors to make it easy to coordinate a swimming pool with it’s surroundings in very stunning ways.

The old pool water feature was replaced with a sheer decent waterfall. The water cascades over the face of lovely blue tile, and the spill channel can be lit after sundown for extra affect and soft illumination. The pillars that match the new outdoor fireplace across the decking were topped by bright pots filled with red geraniums. And they gained a raised bed for seasonal color behind the slim new water feature without taking up a lot of patio space.

Phoenix or Scottsdale pool remodeling – a radical change in scenery.

It’s also going to make cleaning your pool so much faster and easier. Today’s pool finishes make caring for your pool a breeze. What color of Pebble Sheen do you prefer?

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