Concrete Built In BBQ

A departure from the expected custom built in BBQ materials. This Paradise Valley landscape design client showed us a photo they found in a magazine to base their new built in grill’s style on. This is just the basic part of the new outdoor grill island’s construction, but we like it, and have a feeling that the simplicity of the concrete as a finish will appeal to others.

At the time this photo was taken the concrete was still curing, and is darker where it is thicker on the block base. Eventually the outdoor kitchen counter and the top will be all one shade. At which point the concrete top and base will be the soft light gray color you see on the end wall.

Concrete counters are popular for indoor kitchen design, and are just as easily done on your Phoenix – Scottsdale built in BBQ grill. An excellent patio design idea for those who love the modern look.

The next step on this particular custom grill island involves wood, metal and outdoor fabric. This too is very unique, and when the project is finished we’ll add it to the portfolio. It won’t look much like the all concrete version you see here.

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