Condo Backyard Living

Being free of all exterior maintenance is definitely an attractive perk to owning a condominium home. However, you will be missing a lot of backyard square footage that even the smallest single family dwelling properties offer for creating outdoor living spaces. You can still enjoy the ambiance of outdoor fireplaces, water features and well equipped built in grills with a bar area to boot.

As outdoor living rooms go, this one has all the features homeowners want from their Scottsdale or Phoenix landscaping. Its compact, but the roof was already in place. As you know, there is only a small amount of “backyard space” beyond the envelope of a condo home and the landscape design here makes full use of every square inch of it. Not the easiest situation to get the necessary equipment into for moving materials and construction, but it all worked out well in the end. Its small, but very private – perfect for relaxing and entertaining a few friends.

This open air outdoor room now has wall to wall travertine pavers flooring. The natural stone faced outdoor fireplace has not one, but two water features, with channel cascades on each side of the hearth. On the adjacent wall across from the entry gate sits the built in BBQ. The matching stone faced cabinet also houses a two-burner cook-top and outdoor refrigerator. There is seating for 4 between the attached bar/serving area and the other end of the island.

We captured as much of the cozy new outdoor living space as possible in the video below. As you see, not one square foot of the area is wasted space in this Phoenix landscape design.


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