Cooler Pool Remodeling

Beat the heat pool decking gives you more enjoyment out of your swimming pool in summer. Having grass and light colored pavers as a mixed material poolside space has more benefit than looking modern or lush. Expanses of grass actually affect the temperature in the immediate space it exists. A definite bonus for backyard landscaping in Phoenix or Scottsdale.

Turning up the comfort level a notch or two on this recent pool remodeling comes from extending the new pool coping of natural travertine tumbled pavers in different sized stepping stones offset by sod. Talk about outdoor living spaces with a refreshing attitude. The travertine set into the grass isn’t just there for artistic purposes, but are strategically placed in the high traffic areas. Easy on the eyes, and easy on the lawn.

Maybe you don’t really need a new swimming pool after all. Working with Desert Crest, your Scottsdale or Phoenix pool remodel will definitely bring it right up to date beautifully with long lasting functionality and low maintenance.

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