Project Description

Courtyard Carpet Pavers: Phoenix

Travertine pavers are gorgeous. Regular pavers are lovely too, but sometimes you just want a little more interest. Some settings, like this courtyard, beg for pattern to break up too much repetition or create impact.

The easy approach to courtyard design is one type of pavers laid in as interesting a pattern as possible. Mixing paver types changes everything. The accent can be subtle or boldly stand out. It’s all up to what we desire from the finished look. You can do everything from intricate inlaid motifs to simple geometric designs with pavers, just as is possible working with wood or tile. Here we took the simple, geometric approach using boldly contrasting colors. The outcome is very reminiscent of a large contemporary area rug.

We can create many unique looks in courtyard design with the paving. It can be simple or more ornate. You don’t have to settle for basic courtyard pavers. Phoenix landscaping can have a lot more pizzazz than that without the need to include plants as permanent features. The homeowner will no doubt add potted plants in select spots, and some great looking outdoor furniture to finish decorating this large outdoor room. Once they do, these courtyard pavers will look even more like a huge stone carpet.

A whole new dimension in courtyard pavers & Phoenix landscaping.

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