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Courtyard Travertine Pavers: Scottsdale

Travertine Pavers: Beauty & Brawn

Choosing the perfect outdoor flooring is easy when you look into travertine pavers. Scottsdale design taste runs from relaxed casual to rustic elegance and sophisticated luxury. Unlike other possible options, travertine works well with all of them. Depending on the stone color chosen, it’s capable of generating different personalities from quiet to bold.

While concrete pavers are better for driveways, travertine is not as fragile as one might assume. They may not be suitable for parking vehicles on, but have proven to stand up to pedestrian traffic and swimming pools really well. So, it’s no surprise that travertine pavers are the number one choice among our Scottsdale clients.

This recently finished courtyard project offers a great example of this paving stone’s beauty. This lovely home took on a whole new dimension once we installed the travertine pavers. Scottsdale beautification, as you can see, relies on more than just some strategically placed blooming plants. Hard surfaces play a large part in bringing nature to your space, and real stone beats concrete at that any day.

This Scottdale homeowner chose the quiet presence of light Ivory Beige travertine for the courtyard floor. The color fits perfectly with the walls of the home and deflects heat from the sun. Travertine pavers are also smooth underfoot without being slippery and can be sealed to prevent stains in areas like your outdoor kitchen or pool deck.

Which color is best for your home and style? We’d be delighted to help you decide. Schedule a consultation appointment, and your Desert Crest designer can show you exactly what every color looks like in your yard via virtual design.

Below is a full-length photo to give you a better idea what a great partnership these travertine pavers and Scottsdale home have going. It’s too tall to use on top of the page…

Courtyard looking out of date? Take heart, Scottsdale, travertine pavers are like a magic wand. Presto, chango!
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