Curb Appeal Drive

Homes always stand out on the street, and on the real estate market too when landscaping includes driveway pavers. Glendale realtors will tell you that it’s not just because they boost the property’s aesthetic value, discerning home buyers are well aware that this form of paving comes with little to no maintenance. Because of this, the return on the initial investment is normally very good.

There are always situations where utility and neighborhood improvements create the need to repair or replace sections of everyone’s driveway on the street. When you have pavers instead of the standard concrete drive, the bricks can be removed without damage, set aside while the construction is done, and put back in place when the dust settles. No one would ever know your driveway has been patched. Something you would never have with poured concrete slabs where the only way to disguise the disruption is to rip it out and start over. So, in the long run, pavers are also aesthetic insurance long term, because the only guarantee we have from the future is change.

Additionally, Glendale pavers age beautifully, unlike concrete whose surface erodes with time just from daily use and exposure to the elements. Not to mention that no matter where you live, the ground expands and contracts, and with newly built homes, it also settles in the first few years following construction. All these things cause poured concrete drives to crack, while pavers with the proper base take it all in stride as the surface moves with what is happening beneath them.

It’s hard to go wrong in replacing your builder’s driveway with pavers, unless you hire the wrong people to do the work, or install blocks made for only pedestrian traffic. You can always count on top quality material and professional installation procedures working with Desert Crest – its been the foundation of our future since day one.

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