Project Description

All Stone Outdoor Kitchen: Anthem

whipping up a meal This all stone outdoor kitchen Anthem clients requested imparts great style, timeless design, and solid functionality. Definitely, a handsome feature on this new travertine patio and pool deck. Better yet, it’s equipped for the cook’s convenience with everything you need to enjoy whipping up a meal while relaxing with friends.

All four sides of the base are finished with Sierra Blend natural stone, and as you can see in the photo below, no stucco was used in this part of the project. The travertine counter top matches the stone on the patio, but with a chiseled-edge finish. We also sealed the counter top to prevent stains from marring the lovely natural stone surface. The grill, the sink, and cook top are positioned for good work flow. The cook also has handy utensil storage beneath the grill.

Having a keen sense of convenient outdoor living essentials, our clients’ outdoor kitchen Anthem project included an outdoor refrigerator. You want to keep drinks cold and dinner ingredients chilled until needed. The round bar on the right end of the island creates casual seating for dinner and entertaining around the cook center. This bar easily seats four, right where everyone wants to be – near the refreshments.

Beautiful split stone veneer wraps all sides of this Anthem outdoor kitchen.

We’ve got your awesome outdoor kitchen Anthem homeowners.

And a complete package at that. It’s in your best interests to select a landscaper who can do the design and full installation quickly using quality craftsmanship. Desert Crest is licensed and skilled to provide every step from start to completion – including installing all electrical, plumbing, and gas lines. You’ll have no delays or hassle with all your landscaping improvements working with us.

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