Desert Contemporary

Xeriscaping landscaping is far more than just low maintenance. With a Scottsdale or Phoenix landscape designer who has excellent plant knowledge, and skills in hardscaping, your Arizona landscaping can take on a multitude of personalities. To match your home’s attitude and your lifestyle, creating the right setting is important.

This gorgeous contemporary home in the Scottsdale – Phoenix area required minimalistic landscaping design with good architecture that would let this home stand out as the focal point. A bit of low lying drought tolerant greenery with intermittent color accents from blooms creates the perfect desert landscaping to frame this home in fitting minimal modern style. The paver driveway’s presence is accommodating, yet takes a background seat to the home and the xericaping landscaping framing. Being able to see this and create such a setting is a gift that comes from many years of working with desert plants in both the nursery and finished landscape setting.

Working with Desert Crest, your landscape design can take on the right personality to make the most of your home and your lifestyle. From pavers for driveway, sidewalks and patio designs to the right selection and composition of xeriscaping landscaping plants, our designers work with each client to create individual desert landscapes. Custom Scottsdale or Phoenix, Arizona landscaping can be low maintenance and perfectly aligned t0 meet your personal and property requirements completely with a single call to Desert Crest.

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