Desert Garden Courtyard

Many Phoenix courtyard designs offer wall to wall pavers or stone paving, and a few potted plants for accent. Not all residential properties are laid out for a large courtyard in front, and many homeowners would prefer this space between driveway and front door to be more like a garden you pass through with year around interest from desert tough Phoenix landscaping plants.

Here we have a ‘passage courtyard design’ planted with varying height plants to soften the front of the home viewed from the street and enhance the experience of walking up to the front entry too. The color from the curb and for the visitor strolling to the front door when the Ocotillo Cactus is in bloom will be arresting, and during it’s dormant spells, the branches though bare add great textural interest to the garden. It’s delicate tracery is the perfect offset to the heavy texture of  the Senita Cactus across the walk and the Fencepost Cactus planted closer to the driveway.

Lower growing Chaparral Sage, Gold Barrel Cactus, leafy shrubs, and ornamental grass work together to complete this colorful low maintenance planting. You can have a lot of impact from a desert garden in a small space with the right plant choices and placement. One that adds a lot to the looks of your home without huge demand for water, pruning, and other yard care tasks. As you can see in the full length image below, the appeal of this home would be lessened if this whole courtyard interior were paved. The plants make the space come alive.

A lovely garden courtyard, Phoenix landscaping that's drought tolerant, low maintenance and beautiful.

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