The Easy Scottsdale Lawn

You’ll have a lot more time to spend on the golf course and simply relaxing with a no maintenance lawn. Enjoy that weed-free, just mowed look with a Scottsdale lawn of synthetic turf, better still, it never has any wheel marks either. Naturally, you won’t have to waste water irrigating a synthetic lawn, which is always a welcome attribute here in The Valley’s desert climate, and there isn’t that annual reseeding to keep the grass green in the cold season.

Today’s synthetic lawns are a huge improvement over what was available in the past. Artificial turf allows you to enjoy cooling green sweeps where you spend the most time in your yard without all the tedium of added maintenance chores.

Soft underfoot, easy on the eyes, and it doesn’t radiate heat and cold like our traditional rock mulch does. It’s an excellent touch for polishing the look around your patio. Ready for a forever green yard? Give us a call and we’ll chat about the possibilities.

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