Fire Glass Fire Pits

It’s awesome to push a button and have flames instantly leap up. Scottsdale and Phoenix fire pits are so convenient these days. We’ve come a long way from rubbing two sticks together. But there hasn’t a lot of truly exciting new developments in fire pit design and functionality in years. Fire glass however changes everything, and in ways you’ve never imagined before.

The Phoenix fire pit’s fill in the image above is just one of textural options available. It’s showing a large rectangular fire pit filled with 1/2-inch Reflective Cobalt fire glass. Stunning, isn’t it? Makes you wonder how we ever thought that lava rock in reddish-brown or black was lovely.

Imagine the patio improvements possible with 12 different textures. Gorgeous rich colors from deep gemstone hues to diamonds shot with silver and gold.Here’s a peek at each of them in just one color option.

You’ll find more information on this latest trend in Scottsdale and Phoenix fire pits on our recent blog post HERE.

To learn all about the colors available in each of these fill texture lines, call (623) 780-8900 to set up a consultation.

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